Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Paradise for All Food Lovers: Hidden Restaurants in San Diego

It is known to all that San Diego is a charming city full of various fantastic food items provided in many hidden restaurants. People who want to experience different flavors from different countries will be satisfied with them a lot. The following hidden restaurants are for your reference:


Mexican Fare
Do you want to taste the wonderful and delicious Mexican foods while you are in San Diego? The La Jolla as well as the Fidel can be the best choices for you all. At La Jolla, you will enjoy the lip smacking Mexican fare and the price of these foods is quite reasonable. The most wonderful thing for the guests is that they can take away their food and sit at a bench with an exceptional view of the Pacific Ocean.

Vietnamese Food
Kim's restaurant can be one of the best hidden restaurants within San Diego. If you wish to enjoy an exotic taste of Vietnamese food, this hidden restaurant will not fail you. What is more, you are sure to like the price of these foods as well. The service and the atmosphere inside this specific restaurant will be another lightspot.

Incredible Beach Meal
101 Diner can be on the top list of the San Diego hidden restaurants. Located in Encinitas, this restaurant provides both scrumptious lunch and alible breakfast. It is an eatery that allows the guests to take the foods away and provide outdoor sitting arrangement where they can taste the meals as well as enjoying the incredible beach.

Please make sure if there is any standing rule relating to dress if you plan to dine in these restaurants. It is also recommended to book your tables a week or two in advance for popular hangouts.