Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Romantic Places in San Diego - Wonderful Beaches, Parks and Others

Maybe you have learned a lot about the city of San Diego, but you may know very little about the most famous attractions in this city. San Diego is a famous vacation resort in the world and features many kinds of wonderful attractions for travelers. Now let us find out some romantic destinations for your romantic jaunt.

Great Beaches - Charming Sceneries and Activities

Just search on the internet and you will find that there are many enchanting beaches in San Diego. Yes! As a coastal city, San Diego indeed hosts numerous wonderful beaches. Great beaches will bring visitors a lot of fun. You can go surfing, swimming or kayaking in the sea. Sitting quietly and enjoying the sunbathing is preferred by most travelers on the beaches. You can also watch the sunset go down in the sea with your sweethearts or friends. There are also many night activities to make your nightlife more splendid. Numerous people gather on the beach and host some parties or concerts. Beach barbecues are also recommended for you.

Balboa Park - Numerous Animals and Great Things

Do you know about the Balboa Park in San Diego? It is a famous urban cultural park in this city. The world famous San Diego Zoo is just positioned within this great park. This fabulous park is waiting for your visit with numerous great things to do. Here in the Balboa Park people can visit the animals of the popular San Diego Zoo, enjoy the wonderful art works of the many museums, going on picnics on the playground or riding with the one you love. Isn't it wonderful?

Other Recommended Romantic Places:

Except for the places we mentioned above, there are also many other wonderful attractions in San Diego. The Sunset Cliffs is the most attractive spot to watch sunset scene in the city. La Jolla Cove is best for strolling, swimming and diving. You can also go to SeaWorld to view all kinds of aquatic animals.

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