Thursday, August 25, 2011

San Diego Vineyards, a Place to Relax Your Soul

If you are on your trip to San Diego, you might as well spend one day in San Diego vineyards. There is no doubt that Temecula Valley is the best area that allows you to have a fabulous day. With some of the world’s greatest wineries located there, there are over 20 vineyards spreading over the valley. All these constitute breathtaking scenery.

If you go to the vineyards by bus, you can appreciate the beautiful rolling hills of Temecula. And if you go to the vineyards by a private shuttle, you can enjoy the panorama of the valley. Both are great ways to travel to the vineyards in Temecula valley.

In addition to the pleasant scenery, there are many funny activities for you. For example, there is a kind of contest where you will get prizes on the condition that you get the correct answer to the question. Moreover, a wine tasting event is held annually some time in the months of March and May. If you are a wine enthusiast, you must take part in the event, as many wines in America are presented in the event and participants can taste all of them. Is it amazing?

Another event that should be mentioned is the Winemakers’ Gold Dinner which is held in July. The participants of the dinner are allowed to suggest the best dishes that suit the wines on the dinner.

During your visit to the wineries, you may know the process of how grapes are made into wines. After your visit, you may be served with lunch at one of the wineries. At the end of the visit, hot balloon tours are ready for you.